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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: New documentation project?
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2004 04:44:05 GMT
David Leangen wrote:
> I started using Cocoon about a year ago now, just a little before Derek
> Hohls. Even then, we were discussing the Cocoon doc.
> For example:
> I've been out of the project now for several months due to other
> obligations, but I'll be back very soon.


> But then again, this is a huge project and would require some very dedicated
> people who, as Derek pointed out, have the skill set to accomplish this. I'm
> not sure if these people actually exist...
> Not sure if I'm making myself clear, but I'm interested in hearing others'
> thoughts on this approach.
> In any case, if somebody (Derek??) has the motivation to go ahead and take
> the lead with this, I'd certainly be willing to participate. I've done a few
> documentation projects, so I could help contribute some ideas and direction
> to the process.


I brought something up like this a month or two ago, over on the dev 
list I think, and my idea was to start up a Cocoon Shop Manual kind of 
thing.    I guess one thing we were all waiting for was to have a system 
on that we can run an instance of Cocoon and Forrest on.

I'm curious as to where the status of getting a VMWare host for us to 
run stuff on.


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