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From Neo99 <>
Subject Re: [OT] This is quite disappointing...
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 08:54:53 GMT
As a relative newbie who is still struggleing with the finer points of 
Cocoon here's my £0.02 worth.

Ralph Goers wrote:

> Derek Hohls wrote:
>> I guess my 2c is that I do think Cocoon remains obscure.  There
>> seem to be lots of people doing lots of good things with it, but
>> its never promoted [read - not discussed, written about, in forums
>> outside of Cocoon groups, where others could sit up and take 
>> notice].  It is a chicken-and-egg situation... but these things can 
>> be changed.
About a week ago I started  expanding the stub about Cocoon on 
Wikipedia. Hopefuly other list viewers can help improve this article 

> My $.02.
> My experience with everyone who is now using Cocoon in our 
> organization has gone something like this:
> 1. I already know Struts (and JSPs)...

I heard about Cocoon before Struts. As I understood it Cocoon requires 
less programming from the standard user. So its main "selling" point is 
power combined with relative ease of use. Except for the beginner, 
moving forward with the current documentation is a bit of a struggle.

> 2. It's too complicated.
> 3. The documentation is bad. The published books are old and don't 
> cover the current release.
> 4. Wow. It does that?!
> 5. This is really ccol!
> Obviously, getting past 1, 2 and 3 are the hard part, with 1 and 2 
> being the worst. The irony is that the solution, IMO, is number 3.  
> Cocoon needs better documentation, more published articles, and better 
> documentation.

I agree totally.
Amoungst others, I would like to see a "Cocoon Cookbook".
An O'Reilly "Definitive Guide" would be nice (with a woocut image of a 
butterfly on the cover). For reference, and promotion!

Remember though if 70% are using Struts - this does not mean that a 
portion of them are not using cocoon as well i.e.  using the best tool 
for the particular project they are working on.


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