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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Encoding problems, still!
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 11:43:23 GMT
On 31.10.2004 18:16, Marc Portier wrote:

>>> So assuming all this reasoning is ok, what could never work is this:
>>> - change your form-encoding (and matching setting of serialization) 
>>> to anything else then UTF-8, cos then request-params in forms and 
>>> pre-built ones in url's get encoded differently and we have no way to 
>>> make a distinction over at cocoon's side

So the theoretical problem is clear when having form-encoding different 
than UTF-8.

>>> It's sad news for Tuomo, but I can't see why it wouldn't be just 
>>> working if (and only if)
>>> - this is about parameter-values and NOT about URL's or 
>>> parameter-names (because there we *need* to do some work)

>>> - form-encoding is strictly kept to 'utf-8' (thx for the lesson) and 
>>> the serializer follows that (meta-equiv and all)
>> These don't help either, since the UTF-8 encoded parameter values are 
>> read in as ISO-8859-1 and the output is invalid. If these parameter 
> now this I don't understand

Now the practical one (i.e. implementation).

> they are indeed read in using ISO-8859-1, but then inside cocoon they 
> get re-en-decoded:
> 1. yourUtf8UrlEncodedValue --> first urldecoded and then interpreted by 
> container using ISO-8859-1
> 2. this result re-encoded by cocoon using 'container-encoding' 
> (==ISO-8859-1)
> 3. the bytes coming out of that should equal the bytes of the 
> parameter-value right after url-encoding
> 4. so decoding these with 'form-encoding' (==UTF-8) should really just work

This must work if you have form-encoding set to UTF-8 as a URL request 
and a form request send both UTF-8 encoded values. There should be no 
difference on Cocoon's side in handling both. But if form-encoding is 
not UTF-8 step 4 is done 'wrong'. Cocoon would need to read a URL 
request with UTF-8, but uses form-encoding.

> I'ld like to just understand first, and if we need to then also fix this for sure...

I don't see how we can fix it on Cocoon's side. Where do want to know 
from whether it's a form request (where you need form-encoding) or a URL 
request (where you need UTF-8)?


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