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From Tom Bloomfield <>
Subject Link Livesites: Bloomfield Nutrition on Cocoon
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 05:52:47 GMT
I finished integration of Cocoon tonight!
"Bloomfield Nutrition is an eCommerce site selling nutritional
supplements to atheletes and those seeking a more healthy lifestyle."

Current details:
Web service proxy is used to pipe various content for each page (this
was big for me since this project wasn't built from scratch and I needed
to integrate with existing apps on the server). Cocoon is used for FOP,
XML, and HTML transformation. Lenya is used as CMS for articles; I'm
expanding this slowly by tying this in with the existing structure.

Currently working on:
The search functionality on the site leaves a bit to be desired - this
is currently in progress. I'm also integrating several core generators
into the administrative porition of the site to manage files.

Cocoon has been a life saver to me- giving me a convenient way to
streamline content from various sources that was previously a tangled
mess. From start to finish, I integrated Cocoon with the existing site
in around 4 weeks (ending today). This is my first Cocoon project (I've
been working with Lenya for several weeks now).

I hope this provides as an example of Cocoon being used for eCommerce.
I'd be interested in hearing others experiences with Cocoon when added
to the "live-sites" section!


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