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From "Richard Lewis" <>
Subject Pipeline design principles
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 10:48:45 GMT
Hello Cocoon Users,

I've been using Cocoon 2 for a little while now and have come to the
point where I'm doing a 'version 2' (sort of complete re-write) of my
website trying to use all the skills I've gained by doing the first

I have a quesrion regarding pipelines. How do I divide my sitemap into
pipelines? In my version 1 sitemap I just had one big pipeline with lots
of matchers and selectors inside it. But my version 2 sitemap (in which
I'm trrying to implement a more modular design, using aggregators and
trying to re-use as much of the sitemap as possible) I've ended up
(almost without thinking about it) with lots of smaller pipelines.

Is there anything wrong with just having one big pipeline? Is there
anything wrong with having lots of small pipelines? What sort of things
should I take in consideration when dividing my sitemap up into

  Richard Lewis

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