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From "Eric Jacob" <>
Subject RE: Deployment of Cocoon apps. Best practices?
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 19:32:58 GMT
Hi André,

I'm successfully using Maven to build and deploy my Cocoon projects.

Here how I manage it:

- Rename and to
- Uncomment all unused stuff;
- Build Cocoon;
- Copy all the generated jars to your local Maven repository (in my case, I
use maven-proxy);
- Copy the webapp folder (in build/webapp) to my Maven working dir
(src/webapp), except the jars.
- Create a project descriptor extending cocoon-2.1.6.xml.

I've put in attachment a Maven project descriptor for building a minimal
Cocoon webapp. Here my directory structure:


Hope this help.


-----Original Message-----
From: Bent André Solheim [] 
Sent: Monday, November 22, 2004 1:06 PM
To: Cocoon Users
Subject: Deployment of Cocoon apps. Best practices?

Hi Cocoon users!

I have been developing an application for document presentation based
on cocoon, and time is coming for full scale test deployment.

The way I have developed the application is that I have an own project
for the cocoon instance tailored for our application needs. Here I
maintain the main sitemap, the dependencies (jars) for cocoon to work
and other cocoon files. When building a war file of this project I get
a functioning cocoon application that can be deployed to an
application server, but with no functional pipelines. Lets call this
project A.

I also have a project B (a cocoon application) where I maintain a sub
sitemap, a custom generator and a custom transformer, and some other
stuff. In addition I have a project C where we maintain a bunch of
xslt transformations that are used across our enterprise. One
requirement is that it must be possible to deploy projects B and C
separately from project A. This is because there will pop up projects
similar to project B at a later time, and we must be able to deploy
them separately from the cocoon instance.

My questions are; 
- How do you other cocoon users deploy your applications? 
- How do you deal with several cocoon applications using the same
cocoon instance when deploying?
- Would it be possible for cocoon to use the transformations in
project C if I deployed them as a jar file?
- How/where do you maintain your mount-table.xml file?
- Are there people using cocoon and maven? How do you guys deploy?
(this is of particular interest to me, as we use maven for all our

That's a lot of questions for one posting, but I hope this can develop
into a discussion on best practices for cocoon application deployment
with ant or maven or other similar tools.

Best regards,
Bent Andre Solheim

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