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From "Nicolas Maisonneuve" <>
Subject Re: Extend Lucene sample to RDBMS?
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 12:17:23 GMT
my version doesn't allow nested lucene field because lucene index is a flat
structure of fields.
The official versionof LuceneIndexTransformer  is a fulltext indexation.. It
indexes the content (and not the structure) in a general field named
"content", there are also link field and text-attr but it's optionaly)

With my version you can choose which information you index in user specific
fields. (much better to the relevance)
so i'ts not a really structured indexation, but you can search a solution ,
for example field name= xpath name
with my luceneTransformer

<field name="tag1.tag2">coco</field>
<field name="tag1.tag3">coco2</field>

you can see XML indexation method in lucene sandbox page to allow search
structure of xml, but  IMHO the search structure is not really necessary
(because the user hasn't to know the structure of document to search

Nicolas Maisonneuve

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From: "Conal Tuohy" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2004 05:47
Subject: RE: Extend Lucene sample to RDBMS?

Nicolas Maisonneuve wrote:

> ok to add a uri attribute to document tag (in fact my new
> version use this
> feature , these version is old but i can update with the new version)

That would be good. The Transformer can then ensure that there's only ever
one record with a particular URI.

> With the official LuceneIndexTransformer we can't  specify
> user field name
> and type field (very important to indexation process):
> -text (Tokenized, indexed)
> -keyword (not Tokenized,indexed)
> -date (not Tokenized,indexed , allow date special search)
> (note: the date
> type is not available in the official luceneIndexTransformer)

Yes I think the types are valuable.

BTW, does your version also handle nested fields? It seems to me that this
is a feature which is only in the current version, though it could also be
useful in your version.


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