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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Transforming gzipped xml in mysql to html.
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 12:16:50 GMT

You're free to ignore this reply if you get a better one from a
more knowledgeble Cocoon developer ... but if I was stuck on a 
desert island and had no one to ask, I think would go with trying
to develop a customer generator that talks to the database,
gets the zipped data, does the extraction into XML and passes
on the SAX event to the downstream transformer (prob. XSLT).
(of course, I have never actually done this ;-)

There's a good tutorial at: 
(the last example deals with getting data from a database)

I would imagine that the Java "ZIP" class would also be of use: 

But, as a I said, this is very much "desert island" advice!


>>> 2004/10/28 01:22:59 PM >>>

My name is Bent André Solheim, and I just started working on a project
where we want to extract zipped xml from mysql, unzip it and transform
it using a couple of xslt transformations with Cocoon. I have looked
around the docs and wiki and have come to the conclusion that I have
to extend ComposerGenerator, hence creating my own generator, to
accomplish this. I hoped to not having to do this, and instead only
use standard components. Any of you guys out there with more
experience than me have a suggestion? Would it be possible to do
something like the following;

- Create an xsp page that extracts the zipped data and wraps it in a
CDATA element
- Pass this on to some sort of transformer that would
"transform"/unzip the zipped data in the CDATA element, understand
that the extracted data was XML and use this XML document to generate
sax events to the next transformer on the pipeline.
- The next transformer transforms to HTML

Any advice would be appreciated!

Best Regards
Bent André Solheim

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