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From "Volkm@r" <>
Subject Re: Can't get the xml declaration in the output
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 05:36:14 GMT
IceT wrote:
> Hello,
>       Every time I output something with Cocoon, it omits the 
> xml-declaration. Can anybody help me?

Looks like it doesn't use your xml serializer at all.
Does cocoon send mimetype "text/xml" as you've configured the xml 
serializer? You can check it with Firefox =>Tools =>Info.

If so, it should of course use your configuration. If not, there are 
some points where you could try to improve.

1.  Your sitemap should have only one serializer name="html" but
     you got two of them.

2.  And your map:serializers section should have a default
     serializer like <map:serializers default="YourChoice">

3.  In XSLT, when working with Cocoon, you shouldn't use <xsl:output />
     since this is controlled by the serializer's configuration.

Another (off topic) question: Could you tell me why everybody abides by 
(Western encoding) iso-8859-1 instead of simply always using utf-8 which 
is the default encoding for XML? AFAIK *all* common browsers are 
supporting Unicode encoded with utf-8.

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