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From Don Willems <>
Subject Re: WML generates 406 Not Acceptable error
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 12:12:57 GMT
>> ...I'm generating wml files using cocoon, but I'm getting a 406/Not 
>> Acceptable error when I use my mobile phone (SE T610) to access the 
>> page. I can however access the wml page with my desktop browser. I 
>> get the following http request headers when accessing the page on my 
>> desktop:..
> FYI runs on Cocoon (with an httpd front-end) since 
> a few weeks, you might want to try it and compare with what you have.

Yes I can access your site with my phone, apart from a different 
version for cocoon and a different server everything in the headers is 
the same.

>> ...I've read somewhere that the 406 problem is caused by a not 
>> acceptable mime-type for the requesting browser. But 
>> 'text/vnd.wap.wml' seems to be correct?
> Does your page contain images? Maybe it's one of the images mime-type 
> that's the problem?

No, it is just a simple test wml file with only text.


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