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From Brent Johnson <>
Subject Re: Endless Looping in Flow
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 22:03:05 GMT
Yeah thats what I was thinking (the !done thing that is).  But the
problem is.. I cant really force them to signal when they're done. 
You know end users... they're just going to close their browser when
done, or click up at the top of the page on another link and leave the

I think I'll add a "Cancel" or "Done" button that'll stop the flow in
the hopes that some people may actually use it.  It doesnt sound like
its a big deal though.

I'm just somewhat concerned about it because it looks like the
flowscript is cached while in continuation.  So if I'm in a
continuation and I change my code.. the change doesnt take affect
until I enter the continuation again.. which makes me think that its
cached in memory somewhere and over time it may end up sucking up

Thanks for the help.

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 16:26:23 -0500, Tony Collen <> wrote:
> Brent Johnson wrote:
> > I've got a page where the user can modify something (the title of an
> > XML document in this case).  Here's what I'm doing in the flowscript:
> > So there's an infinite loop there.  Is that going to be a problem?
> > See there's really no "end" to this flow.  As long as they're sitting
> > on the layout manager page they're wanting to "do" something.  The
> > only end to this continuation would be when they clicked on some other
> > page rather than clicking "Set Title" or something similar.
> >
> > Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Will this continually eat up
> > resources as time goes on or anything?
> Well, it won't keep running because the execution is halted on
> sendPageAndWait().  My only guess is if there's a memory leak in Rhino,
> but it seems fine.  If you're really paranoid you could add a "quit"
> function that breaks out of the loop, but it should be fine.  From what
> I've seen, a lot of Flowscript makes use of while(true) to keep doing
> something over and over.   It might be better to do while (!done)  and
> set done=true when the person signals they're done with whatever process.
> Tony
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