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From Bent André Solheim <>
Subject Re: Transforming gzipped xml in mysql to html.
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 12:56:22 GMT
Thanks Derek,

The path you describe is the one I have taken so far, and as it turns
out, the tutorial you suggested is exactly the one I was reading
before seeing your mail! :) If nobody suggest a better way, I think
I'll stick to this solution for now.

Makes me feel better to know that there are other people that would
choose the same solution I have - "desert island" or not. Thanks again

Best Regards

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 14:16:50 +0200, Derek Hohls <> wrote:
> Bent
> You're free to ignore this reply if you get a better one from a
> more knowledgeble Cocoon developer ... but if I was stuck on a
> desert island and had no one to ask, I think would go with trying
> to develop a customer generator that talks to the database,
> gets the zipped data, does the extraction into XML and passes
> on the SAX event to the downstream transformer (prob. XSLT).
> (of course, I have never actually done this ;-)
> There's a good tutorial at:
> (the last example deals with getting data from a database)
> I would imagine that the Java "ZIP" class would also be of use:
> But, as a I said, this is very much "desert island" advice!
> Derek
> >>> 2004/10/28 01:22:59 PM >>>
> Hi,
> My name is Bent André Solheim, and I just started working on a project
> where we want to extract zipped xml from mysql, unzip it and transform
> it using a couple of xslt transformations with Cocoon. I have looked
> around the docs and wiki and have come to the conclusion that I have
> to extend ComposerGenerator, hence creating my own generator, to
> accomplish this. I hoped to not having to do this, and instead only
> use standard components. Any of you guys out there with more
> experience than me have a suggestion? Would it be possible to do
> something like the following;
> - Create an xsp page that extracts the zipped data and wraps it in a
> CDATA element
> - Pass this on to some sort of transformer that would
> "transform"/unzip the zipped data in the CDATA element, understand
> that the extracted data was XML and use this XML document to generate
> sax events to the next transformer on the pipeline.
> - The next transformer transforms to HTML
> Any advice would be appreciated!
> Best Regards
> Bent André Solheim
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