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From <>
Subject Probem with a result of a pipe
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 14:07:57 GMT
Hi all (sorry, i am not very firm with cocoon),

i have the following problem:

from an input form (submit) i am getting an xml stream in the expected way. Now, at the
end of the pipe i want give the result of the pipe to another pipe to make
an request.
How can i do this? How can i receive the xtream in the outside pipline and work (make
a soap call) with the stream...

I am using the following pipes at the moment:

** generate an xml after input data in a form **
<map:match pattern="*eingabestream">
  <map:generate type="serverpages" src="xsp/anfrage_daten.xsp"/>
  <map:transform type="xslt" src="stylesheets/xmlform2html.xsl"/>
  <map:serialize type="xml"/>

** with the result from the first pipe i want call the next pipe (3), **
** calling a match SOAPCALL in this other application/sitemap.        **
<map:match pattern="ok">
  <map:generate type="wsproxy" src="http://localhost:8082/cocoon/EWO_Request/soapcall"/>
  <map:transform type="xslt" src="xsl/XMELD_Trefferliste.xsl"/>
  <map:serialize type="html"/>

** pipe in the outside application **

<map:match pattern="soapcall">
  <map:generate type="serverpages" src="xsp/soap_anfrage.xsp" label="raw"/>
  <map:transform type="xslt" src="xsl/simpletrans.xsl" label="simpletrans"/>
  <map:serialize type="xml">

Regards Dirk
Dirk Skirde
Hessische Zentrale für Datenverarbeitung
Mainzer Strasse 50  Raum 009
65189 Wiesbaden
Tel.:  +49 611 340 1941
Fax:   +49 611 340 5941

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