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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: 401 from the Authentication Framework
Date Sun, 31 Oct 2004 17:58:13 GMT

If the authentication handler is configured so that the redirect-to uri 
is a cocoon pipeline, that pipeline could cause the 401 to be returned.  
I don't think the authentication manager needs to be modified at all for 

If this won't work for some reason don't hesitate to reply.


Henrik Gustafsson wrote:

> I'm happily using the Authentication Framework to control access and 
> presentation of my site. The authorization data is fetched from radius 
> and a quite complex authentication session context is used.
> One of the protected resources is fetched by a device that expect to 
> get a 401 and cannot handle  the form based login.
> Is it possible to configure a handler in the authentication manager to 
> send a 401 instead of doing a redirect? I do not like to put the 
> authentication of this resource in the web.xml configuration of the 
> container, since then I would not be able to reuse the Radius 
> Authenticator that is creating the session context .
> If this is not possible, I would like some pointers where to modify or 
> what type of component could be used to plug in support for 401.
> Or, should I stop using the Authentication Framework and do all 
> authentication in the container configuration? I do not like to have 
> it in two different places. I do understand the argument that 
> authentication is a typical task for the container, but it is very 
> convenient to have full control in the sitemap.

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