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From Neo99 <>
Subject Re: Desperately seeking assistance and/or information on memory setti ngs
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 08:54:45 GMT

Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

> Le 29 oct. 04, à 07:51, Schultz, Gary - COMM a écrit :
>> ...I can't get Cocoon to use more than the
>> default 64 MB of memory allotted by the JVM..
> The only way to increase this is to start the JVM with the correct 
> -Xmx parameter.
> You have to find out which of your startup scripts starts the JVM, and 
> how to pass JVM options to it.

If you are using Tomcat, the environment variable CATALINA_OPTS can be 
set with the required Java options. (in my case "-Xms128m -Xmx128m").

> Follow the chain of events (shell commands etc.) which lead to your 
> JVM being started and you should be fine, or give more details here 
> (how do you start what to start cocoon?) and somebody can probably help.
>> ...I trying to sell Cocoon as a tool to help with a project at work. 
>> If I can't
>> get consistent results with the XSP, management will not go with 
>> Cocoon and
>> will turn to another solution...
> We've had an impressive list of success stories at the recent 
> GetTogether [1], I don't think the presentations are online yet but 
> I'm sure Gianugo Rabellino (you'll find his address in the list 
> archives) would agree to send you the presentation if you need to 
> convince people.
> In the meantime a rough transcript is available at 
> - Bertrand

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