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From Michael H├Ąger>
Subject Tomcat exits when opening cForms site
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 07:43:15 GMT

i am having the following problem. I open a cForms site, and from this 
site I want to redirect to another cForms site.
But this is not possible. Each time I press the button on the first page 
to redirect to the second site I get  an infinite loop and mostly Tomcat 

I recognize that when I redicret to an "xsp" instead a second "cForms" 
site, everything works fine.
If I open the second cForms site directly with url input everything 
works fine, too.

Now I would like to ask if it isn't possible to open cFroms site from 
other site that are also created with cForms.

Thank Michael

Enclosed my code

///////////////// site map ///////////////////////////////
// call the flowscript
   <map:match pattern="*site">
         <map:select type="request-method">
             <map:when test="POST">
                 <map:call function="{1}JS">

//building the forms pages
<map:match pattern="*pipeline">
           <!-- pipeline to show the form -->
           <map:generate src="forms/{1}_template.xml"/>
           <map:transform type="forms"/>
           <map:transform type="i18n">
             <map:parameter name="locale" value="en-US"/>
           <map:call resource="simple-page2html">
             <map:parameter name="file" value="forms/{1}_template.xml"/>
           <map:transform src="resources/forms-samples-styling.xsl"/>

// First site flowscript
function firstJS(){
var form = new Form("forms/first_side_forms.xml");

//First form template
// I need the method="Post" because I use ListBoxes Elements (s. 
<ft:form-template action="firstside" method="POST">
     <ft:widget-label id="name"/>
     <ft:widget id="name"/>
    .....<!-- some other fields -->
<input type="submit"/>
//////////////////////////Second side/////////////
function secondJS(){
var form = new Form("forms/second_side_forms.xml");

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