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Subject JXTemplate: Expressions not evaluated with mixed attribute content
Date Sun, 31 Oct 2004 19:19:05 GMT

I have a JXTemplate document that uses the <jx:set> element to set a variable
that is the concatenation of an expression and a string literal, this is
equivalent to the example in the JX documentation:

  <jx:set var="greeting" value="Hello ${user}"/>
  The value of greeting is ${greeting}

When the attribute value is interpreted the expression is not evaluated but the
entire attribute value is treated as a string literal so I get the output 'The
value of greeting is Hello ${user}'.  If I switch the order of the expression
and the string literal so that it reads <jx:set var="greeting" value="${user}
Hello"/> the expression is evaluated but the string literal is dropped.

I'm using cocoon-, is this a known bug or am I just doing something


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