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From Taryn East <>
Subject Re: JXTemplateGenerator: strange behaviour with jx:set
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 01:06:58 GMT
Hi all, I don't seem to have received a reply to this posting. Is my
email coming through ok?

Is anyone able to point me at a place to start looking for a solution?


On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 16:45, Taryn East wrote:
> Hi there.
> While trawling through the web hoping to find a solution to a bug we've
> found I discovered an email with the above subject line in the archives
> of this list:
> relevant post:
> that list seems to still be active (judging by the ongoing additions to
> the archive page) but I can't actually subscribe... however the content
> of the emails looks identical to the content of this mailing list...
> thus why I have joined here.
> aaaanyway, I was wondering if anyone here had a solution to the problem
> given in the email above, as it seems to be occurring for me also.
> Now, caveat here: I actually am not the person administering to our
> version of cocoon - I am dealing only with the JXtemplates... so I get
> to see the problem, but won't actually be the one implementing a fix...
> also, I don't know many of the details about:
> - the cocoon setup
> - the flow and additional java stuff
> as I'll be getting this info second=hand from the guy that does do this
> stuff... and he's pretty buys etc...
> The problem, as it appears to us, is that sometimes, when we pass a
> JXPath node/text() through to some sort of attribute (eg action="x" or
> href="" - note this is an attribute in the html of the template, and
> even sometimes occurs in, say, jx:formatnumber num="x")
> the JXtemplate just chucks a spak and doesn't give me a nice string, but
> somehow treis to pass through an array of nodes...
> which means that, when I have a close look at the source that has been
> built) i get something along the lines of:
> <a href="javascript('[Lorg.w3c.dom.Node;@346762');">click here</a>
> instead of something like:
> <a href="javascript('12345');">click here</a>
> or, worse, I get an exception thrown such as:
> org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: Failed to execute pipeline.:
> file:/projects/appsroot/asic/screens/perextr.jx:820:54:java.lang.NumberFormatException:
For input string: "[Lorg.w3c.dom.Node;@346762"
> cause: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string:
> "[Lorg.w3c.dom.Node;@346762"
> when I try to pass it through to something like formatnumber.
> Now, stuff I've checked:
> 1. the XML that I'm parsing at this point only has one node on it, ie
> it's something like: <company><orgNum>12345</orgNum>...</company>
> there are no other <orgNum> tags at this level of the DOM
> 2. The JXPath expression uses the correct tag names etc and isn't at a
> higher level (so it's not accidentally gathering a whole bunch of
> orgNum's raethr than just the one it should).
> 3. The guy that does the java stuff is the person that said it was
> getting a whole bunch of nodes instead of just one - not sure exactly
> how he figured this out.
> 4. Said same guy hacked up a java function that will force this thing to
> make a string, so if I apply the following hack to any given situation
> it will always work fine:
>        <jx:set var="onum" value="#{./OrgNum/text()}"/>
>        <acnconv acn="${domutils.string(onum)}" />
> note: acnconv just does a formatNumber on the given number...
> 5. It doesn't *always* break... we haven't yet figured out when/why it
> does break because it happens so intermittently and there does not seem
> ot be any distinguishing characteristic of the data that does break.
> However, if a given set of XML breaks at some point, it always breaks.
> ie, at least it's repeatable (if not deterministic).
> I'm really at a loss here as I know so little about how all this works
> so I can't even begin to go looking for a solution.
> We're currently faced with the possibility of having to put the
> aforementioned hack into *every* spot that JXPath is required to be used
> in an attribute... which is not a pretty thought at all.
> Any help would be *greatly* appreciated as I'd really like to actually
> solve the problem, rather than have to perpetuate an ugly hack.
> Cheers and thanks in advance,
> Taryn

Junior Developer

+61 2 9429 8901
+61 2 9429 8999


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