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From "Roberto" <>
Subject again about the sitemap....
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 14:44:53 GMT
hi there,
well reading the mail in the mailist Im feeling bad to ask this question that are really easy
& nothing for you I guess, but Im still a newbie & still need to understand some basic

What is not very clear for me is: there is a main sitemap.xmap puted under %COCOON%/buil/webapp
& then there other sitemap for the other stuff, the samples folder has it own one. The
question is: Is the main sitemap.xmap invasive, I mean is more important than the other one?

I ask you that coz I saw many *.xsl file that got a link to a /styles/main.css that is defined
only in the main sitemap.

Thanx in advance for you kind reply

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