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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Fundamental Cocoon Philosophy Question
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 14:50:08 GMT

A quick question here before the debate goes further;
what do you mean by "standards" ??  Cocoon is based
on Java and XML; the former an "industry standard" (of 
sorts) and the latter an open standard.  In other words,
Cocoon *is* built on a Java framework - maybe a different
one from Struts...but there is the power of choice for you!
You are not forced to adopt CForms if you adopt Cocoon;
there was a recent article about using JSF instead... of course
whether you think JSF is a "standard" is also open to debate!
but, conversely, I am not clear why you think Struts is 
any better at "standards compliance"...


>>> 2004/09/10 04:16:55 PM >>>
Hi All,

The basic question here is why not have a webapp
framework that supports both xml forms (CForms) and a
java framework similiar to Struts?  Moreover, is it
not true that having a simple Java framework as such
would be the building blocks from which CForms can
be/is built upon?  IMHO, this would give developers
the freedom of choice when deciding upon Cocoon as a
webapp framework versus Struts (or others).
I currently have Cocoon, but find myself being
disenfranchised.  I love its power for easily creating
pipelines and xml processing for publishing.  However,
I am looking for a webapp framework to build upon.  I
am not to happy with the idea of adopting CForms in
order to achieve a better seperation of concerns. 
Also I am not willing to use XSP and actionsets.  I am
weary of implementing an enterprise app in (almost)
pure xml with a forms system that is not based on
standards.  For me, writing an app in Java with some
XML that easily runs with the J2EE spec is much more

  I am writing this in hopes of hearing ideas to stay
with Cocoon.  This is not a troll nor am I one .


Live simply so others may simply live. 
Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate.
"Entities should not be multiplied unneccesarily" 
-William of Occam

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