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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Forms styling: showing required OR validation symbols
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 12:10:44 GMT

I tried this and, while the <footer> <p> showed
up, the <header> did not ?? 

Also, is there any way to eitehr (a) disable the list
of errors or (b) make them "linkable" to the fields
they refer to on the form (using the # notation)


>>> 2004/09/03 01:48:11 PM >>>
Derek Hohls wrote:

>Thanks Jorge - that works well... next question
>then is if there is any quick way to alert a user
>as to when there is an error anywhere in a form;
>a message could then be displayed alterting him
>to the fact (say, at the top of the form) and that
>he should look for field/s with the "!!" mark and
>make corrections as needed.
That's really easy,

In your form template file you can put the following
   <header><p>Please correct errors! Look at fields marked with
   <footer><p>Send your Form again./p></footer>

If you put this at top of your page it give you the Field's and the
Errormessages before the form.

in your 

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