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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Recursively generated menus in XSL and Cocoon
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 14:38:38 GMT

You could do this using Cocoon forms; have a look at the
example in:

If you search further in the mail archives, you will find
other discussions about further options based on these


>>> 2004/09/01 04:03:01 PM >>>

Hello !

I'm developing a database interrogation user interface in XML/XSL with


The user having selected a request , the system generates a page on 
which he has to select
  values  for the requests' parameters .

For each single parameter, there is a number of values I select from 
the database through subrequests,
in order  to generate a dropdown menu,  for the user to choose between

All data for the subrequests' generation come from a XML file

There is never the same number of parameters , so I use a recursive 
to generate each  subrequest

Is it possible to use the values selected from a thus generated menu ,
to modify the values proposed by another such menu, through a 
javascript function like 'Onchange'?

For example,
with two menus , 'Collection' and 'Types':

  if I select collection number '1',
could it be possible to re-generate the following menu, so as to 
display only the types that are represented in the collection number 

(I personally doubt this is possible, based on past experience)

What's your opinion?

Many thanks for every answer!!


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