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From oceatoon <>
Subject CForm : repeater from a selection-list, or maybe somthing else ?
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 20:50:40 GMT
Hi everyone
Sorry to post this again,but I'm kind of in front of a walls (and the wall
in the news is tiring me ;(
 I was wondering if it was possible to construct a repeater content from a
 selection-list? or can I map the label value of my repeater to a selection
I tried putting an  on:bind/fb:javascript/load-form that calls a pipeline
that retrieves the labels in the selection-list xml file according to the
@id of my repeater but processtoDOM doesn't seem to be accepted there,
should it? 
 my repeater looks like this where I would like the outputlabel to come from
 the selecion-list 
 id1 | outputlabel(id1) | field
 id2 | outputlabel(id2) | field
 idx | outputlabel(idx) | field
 or if I do it as a multivaluefield selection-list  , how would I connect 
the field to the selected value (on bind)?
 Thanks for the help

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