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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: CForms - load / save to different targets
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 15:20:12 GMT

> Maybe I am missing something, but can't you just retrieve from one 
> location using the <fb:load-form/> and then save to a different (or 
> both) locations in the <fb:save-form/> element?  Like this:
>     <fb:javascript id="projects" path="." direction="save">
>         <fb:load-form>
>             // do normal load binding here
>         </fb:load-form>
>           <fb:save-form>
>                 var user = jxpathPointer.getNode();
>             var values = new;
>             values = widget.getValue();
>             user.setLocationOne(values); // Set to first location
>             user.setLocationTwo(values); // Set to second location
>           </fb:save-form>
>     </fb:javascript>
> Notice that the path attribute of the fb:javascript element is set to 
> ".", so you can access all properties of your bean and so save to 
> multiple locations.
that makes sense, thanks.

> Of course you need to perform the binding in your flow or wherever after 
> the user presses "next".
What do you mean here?

Also: how does cocoon know which values have been set in the 
selectionlist when the user presses "back" in the browser? I guess this 
is all stored in the continuation object right? Or are these pages 
filled from browser cache?


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