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From "Volkm@r" <>
Subject Re: URL space mappings
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 16:42:15 GMT
Simon Dutil wrote:
> [...]
> For every url that finish with a "/" i get a "404 not found" error.
> When deployed in tomcat, everything works fine and i think this is due
> to these lines defined in tomcat web.xml.
> [...]

Read this comment from Cocoon's main sitemap.xmap:

| Redirect to the user directory if the ending slash is missing
| Cocoon doesn't do automatic translation of URLs because we consider it
| a bad practice. http://blah/something/ and http://blah/something
| effectively locate different web resources and the act of mapping
| them to the same system resources is your concern, not Cocoon's.
| Note that some stupid browsers (IE, for example) believe the opposite
| and will drop the ending slash when you bookmark a web resource
| so be aware of this issue and plan your URL-space carefully.

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