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From "Ulf Sahlin" <>
Subject Binding CForms datasets using GUI checkboxes
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 22:09:23 GMT

I'm looking for a way to use the bean binding feature of Cocoon Forms with
datasets, but using checkboxes (instead of repeaters with per-row

1.) Example data model (bi-directional aggregate relationships, e.g. the
objects are independent of each other):

[A] --1----n-- [B]

Hence, for every A bean there are a number of selectable B beans. The user
would select which B's are going to be used in the A:

[x] B number 1
[ ] B number 2
[x] B number 3
[x] B number 4
[ ] B number 5

I feel this is a much faster user experience approach than the repeater with
selection-list one (e.g. adding a row, selecting which B to use, adding
another row, ...).

However I'm not quite sure how to define the binding in this case, since
there is no booleanfield field in my bean - a checked checkbox means I want
to add that particular B bean to A's set of B's.

2.) Example data model (bi-directional, aggregate relationships):

[A] --1----n-- [B] --n----1-- [C]

A similar problem as in 1.), the user interface when editing A being:

[x] C number 1
[ ] C number 2
[x] C number 3
[x] C number 4
[ ] C number 5

When editing A, I would like a C checked checkbox to be interpreted as the
Cocoon Forms binding creating a B bean for that C. This data model is used
when I need to have extra data per relationship between A and C (kind of
like the data model in 1., but with info added to the relationship).

Have anyone used this kind of checkbox GUI for repeaters?

Best regards,
  Ulf Sahlin

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