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From "Huber, Daniel" <Daniel.Hu...@TechniDATA.DE>
Subject RE: How to avoid xpath's document() function?
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2004 14:35:10 GMT
> sorry just skimmed briefly through your email, but :
> complicated dynamic widget generation seems more a task for 
> CForms and flow no?

The generation of HTML select-boxes was just an example for the general
problem of avoiding the document() function in XSLT when you need to
retrieve information from other XML files while transforming a source
XML file.

> Or did you reject this approach for a particular reason?
But, yes. I can't use CForms because I don't have a static data model,
so I can't map the form data to a bean.

But please, don't start a discussion on the pros and cons of CForms...

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