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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject Weird, weird, weird problem!
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 19:35:09 GMT
OK... this is weird!

My Cocoon app uses ImageReader, and the images weren't displaying.  It 
turns out the call to 
com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGImageDecoder.decodeAsBufferedImage() in 
ImageReader.processStream() crashes the JVM!  It crashes hard, 
immediately and silently (no error messages).  What faked me out was 
that I'm running Cocoon under control of daemontools, so as soon as it 
crashed, supervise would start up a new one right away!  But I've 
debugged ImageReader.processStream() and I can see it go down the black 

Now, get this... if I just invoke Cocoon by hand instead of using 
supervise, it works fine!

I use a wrapper script that invokes from the Cocoon build, 
and I've instrumented this wrapper script to dump out the environment 
and the process limits.  They're identical, whether invoked by hand or 
by supervise.  So that's not the difference.  The command line invoking 
the JVM as reported by 'ps' is also the same for both cases.

So, any ideas about what the problem could possibly be, or where else I 
might look?  Any daemontools experts out there?

It would seem that somehow, I am seeing a JVM bug that occurs under 
conditions that only obtain for me when running under "supervise", but 
I can't imagine what those conditions might be...


P.S. — I told you it was weird! :-)

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