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From "Niels van Kampenhout" <>
Subject RE: Problems with schema-to-form example
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 12:22:53 GMT
> From: Derek Hohls []
> Posted At: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 10:53 AM
> Conversation: Problems with schema-to-form example
> I have been trying to get the schema-to-form example from 
> the Cocoon wiki working
> [  ]
> The install guide says:
> "The example expects a directory 'cforms', which includes directories
> 'resources' and 'messages'. Obviously I did not include them, as they
> are part of the Cocoon distribution. You may have to change some paths
> in the sitemap, as well as the resources-uri in 
> forms-*-styling.xsl, to
> get the example working. "
> I have a directory structure under 'schema' (where the
> sitemap et al are placed) that has:
> cforms
> cforms/messages
> cforms/resources
> I have also edited all the forms-*-styling.xsl files to
> have :
> <xsl:param name="resources-uri">cforms/resources</xsl:param>
> But I still get the error message:
> Unable to locate resource: OtherMessages (key [OtherMessages])
> What else do I need to do get the sample working??


Check the configuration for the i18n transformer in the sitemap. The location attributes of
the catalogue elements should point to the Cocoon Forms messages directory.

<map:transformer name="i18n" src="org.apache.cocoon.transformation.I18nTransformer">
  <catalogues default="other">
    <catalogue id="other" name="OtherMessages" location="cforms/messages"/>
    <catalogue id="forms" name="WoodyMessages" location="cforms/messages"/>

When you get the example running, please feel free to modify the Wiki page, describing how
to install the example with the default Cocoon distribution. At Hippo we use our own Cocoon
distribution, which I used when putting the example together. Therefore it might not be obvious
from my installation notes on the Wiki page how to use it.


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