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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Velocity versus pure XSLT
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 10:19:54 GMT
Hi Raffaele,

> ...Finally I have implemented my own application specific
> template language that separates XSLT from (X)HTML/FO. The XML 
> templates
> (i.e. XHTML or FO) use $Vars for the value bindings and <my:tags/> for 
> logic
> steering. Now this (X)HTML templates can be edited with a 
> WYSIWYG-Editor
> like Dreamweaver...

Sounds interesting - this might be a nice contribution or example for 
others, would you be willing to share this?

You could either write an article on the wiki or, submit a patch with 
samples of what you've done.

> ..In the mean time I have written some XSP-Pages and combined
> them with above described XSLT template solution. This solution works 
> fine
> if all the data is in the XML stream. But now I'm asking myself, if 
> Velocity
> or another template language would be better. Especially if beside the 
> data there is also some information stored in the session that must be
> processed..

Note that XSP is not recommended for new applications, if you're 
starting you should rather use Flowscript and the JXTemplate generator, 
for example. You can find an overview of this in the "tour" block, 
accessible from a link on the samples page once you've started Cocoon.

Velocity is a nice templating language but I don't think it makes a 
difference in terms of combining multiple data sources: the usual way 
to combine data in Cocoon is to convert it to XML via a generator, and 
to aggregate several XML flows with <map:aggregate> or the with the 
CInclude transformer.

Hope this helps!

   Bertrand Delacretaz
   independent consultant, Lausanne, Switzerland

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