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From Adam Walsh <>
Subject Re: continuation woes
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 23:30:26 GMT
Hi Jorg,

That scenario makes perfect sense. In step 1, you're actually updating 
the model of your form by removing the element. Step 2 you're jumping 
back and seeing an old view of your form model that is no longer valid. 
In step 4 you're effectively just refreshing your view on the model, so 
it won't show the element that you removed previously. It's not actually 
being removed again, it's presenting the updated repeater widget with 
the element missing that you removed in step 1.

An important thing to remember is that flow doesn't remember the history 
of your variables (including whatever you bind your CForm to) at each 
continuation. So if you update your repeater 7 times, then hit back 7 
times and then refresh the page, the state of your repeater widget will 
be as it was at the end of your 7 updates. Does that make sense?


Jorg Heymans wrote:

> Hi,
> Scenario
> 1) select an element from repeater, press "remove selected elements"
> 2) press back in the browser, the removed element appears again with 
> its checkbox checked
> 3) uncheck that checkbox
> 4) press "remove selected elements" (should do nothing)
> 5) the element is removed again !
> After 2), which continuation becomes active again? Is it the one that 
> was created after the remove button was pressed or the one that was 
> created before the remove button was pressed ?
> Regards
> Jorg
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