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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: CForms with Tabs via <fi:styling type="tabs"/> ?
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 15:38:25 GMT
On 24.09.2004 13:52, Philipp Rech wrote:

> How can I create the tabs? How does <fi:styling type="tabs"/> works? Does it
> create the tabs just through the form-samples-styling.xsl (or one of the
> other xsl files in rescources)? The Blocks Sample page works with Actions
> (another with Flowscript) are the Actions creating the Tabs?

No, the action have nothing to do with it (separation of concerns ;-) ).

> All I could find out that is the Form Definition of the Sample has this:
> <fd:widgets>
>     <fd:field id="tab-state">
>       <fd:datatype base="string"/>
>     </fd:field>

This is just for the correct re-selecting of a tab on re-displaying the 
form, so more a usability feature.

> An the Form Template has this:
> <!-- group with tabs. Each of 
> the children of <items> will constitute a tab -->
>          <fi:group>
>               <fi:styling type="tabs"/>
>               <fi:label>Choose a panel: </fi:label>
>               <fi:state>
>                 <ft:widget id="tab-state"/>
>               </fi:state>

This is the important one. Each fi:items/* becomes a tab.

> How does this work? Thanks a lot for any help and ideas!!!
> if i create one on my own i dont get an error but also the tabs 
> are not there just an output like "String fieldsNumber fieldsBoolean fields
> " on the screen/browser.

It's done in one of the stylesheets as you already guessed above. It's 


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