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From Jan Hoskens>
Subject Re: some doubts about developing with cocoon
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 08:42:34 GMT
If your container is tomcat, then every webapp will be accessible 
through the name of its directory:
(war's will be unpacked so it's the same thing actually, I work with the 
dir version, not the war)
(Also note that "tomcat" can be substituted with almost any other 
container, I just used it here as an example)

eg: under "webapps/cocoon" you need to access your webapp through 

You can rename the dir as you like and copy it as many times you need 
for different apps.

eg: "webapps/mydirwithcocoon" => "host:port/mydirwithcocoon/

I suggest you create a lightweight cocoon: without docs and only the 
blocks you need.You'll end up with a sitemap, a WEB-INF dir with some 
config files and many jars. This is the webapp base you need (your 
application). This can be copied as many times as you like to different 
dirs(thus creating different applications).

You might want to consider other options as you're duplicating a lot of 
base stuff with the previous setting (the whole WEB-INF dir actually). 
Your cocoon main sitemap can mount subsitemaps anywhere on your 
filesystem. So you can also setup the main cocoon (thus the 
"webapps/cocoon") and then mount a sitemap for each site you need.

eg: my sites are under dir "/sites/" so I mount them in my main sitemap: 
a matcher for "siteone/**" mounts the first sitemap under "/sites/siteone".

There are also some automount options: when you're sitedir with sitemap 
is under the main dir (webapps/cocoon) then it automatically gets 
mounted to that dir (see main sitemap)
To reach your webapp you need to type : "host:port/cocoon/siteone/". 

If you would like to end up with a url like "host:port/siteone" you'll 
have to set cocoon as the default webapp under tomcat.
Normally the default webapp shows the tomcat infopage. To do this you'll 
need to configure tomcat properly (look at the tomcat docs).

Hope this helps,

Kind Regards,

Manuel Grau Aracil wrote:

>--------------------- ENGLISH ----------------------------------------------------
>I've copied cocoon.war in my webapps directory and it works very well. But I
>don't know how to develop my own application based in cocoon. I want to develop
>my application in other directory of my webapps. How can I do this? It's enough
>to copy cocoon/WEB-INF/ to the new directory? Thanks.
>--------------------- SPANISH ----------------------------------------------------
>He copiado cocoon.war en mi carpeta webapps y funciona perfectamente. Pero no se
>como desarrollar mi propia aplicación basada en cocoon. Quiero desarrollar mi
>web en otro directorio dentro de webapps. ¿Como puedo hacerlo? ¿Es suficiente
>con copiar cocoon/WEB-INF/ dentro del nuevo directorio o necesito algún fichero
>más? Gracias.
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