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From Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson>
Subject Treating strings passed to templates as markup?
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 13:52:05 GMT

Problem: I'm trying to pass a string to a jx template. The passed string 
contains html markup which I want the generator\serializer to parse and 
serialize. However, the following sendpage call:

cocoon.sendPage("error.xml", {"error" : "<b>Bold test</b>"});

just produces this output:

<b>Bold test</b>

Looking at the source, I see that the tags have been translated with 
escape chars:

&lt;b&gt;Bold test&lt;/b&gt;

For various reasons I don't want the jx generator to translate my <b> 
tags with escape characters- I want the string above to be treated as 
html markup. How do I accomplish this?

Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson
Oslo, Norway

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