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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: Fundamental Cocoon Philosophy Question
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 14:35:36 GMT
Il giorno 13/set/04, alle 16:06, Julian ha scritto:

> Thanks for the input.  I am glad this thread is still
> going b/c it proves to me the strength of this
> community.  Anyway, the more I think about it, I enjoy
> Cocoon in many aspects, but have concerns about moving
> towards adopting CForms.  So here are my concerns
> about going all in with Cocoon and CForms:
> 1) Training developers

I'll readily admit you have to have smarter-than-average developers to 
deal with CForms, but if all your developers are dumber-than-average, 
you have bigger problems to begin with ;-).

> 2) Performance and Scalability

We have some forms with hundreds of fields and I think you are going to 
hit a usability threshold long before you hit any performance 

> 3) Integration with third-party software packages
> (other than SOAP or some other XMLRPC)
> 4) Easy access to Java Library and my own Domain
> to/from Cocoon (similar to #3)  Would all such access
> be in the Flow via JavaScript?

I'd say most of the access to third-party libraries and domain code 
would be in the Flow, but this does not mean that your Flow should 
contain any business logic. You should implement a Service Layer 
<> in Java and 
use the Flowscript only as an Application Controller 

> 5) Lock In

Since the only known open standard here is XForms and there are no 
widespread implementations of it, the risk of lock-in is present no 
matter which solution you choose.

> 6) Front-end Widget Library

The current CForms widget set is already pretty rich, and there's no 
reason it can't grow.

> 7) Forms production readiness

We've had no problems related to CForms in production, yet. I guess the 
greatest problem here is the (relative) instability of APIs. You have 
to be prepared to do some work if you intend to follow CForms' 


Ugo Cei -

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