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From Paul Joseph <>
Subject Repeater widget question
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2004 00:18:59 GMT

I am using the Repeater widgets for the first time and
have some questions for which I would greatly
appreciate answers.

I have a repeater widget to simulate a table.  The
widgets in the repeater are made up of widgets that
appear once at the top of the screen above the table. 
As the user selects different rows in this table, I
populate these widgets above the table. 

My questions are these:

a)  When the data is retrieved into the widgets the
data appears to be read only - except for checkboxes
and also, a seemingly weird condiditon - if I keep my
left mouse button pressed, I am able to edit data.

b) When I add a new data, I do it using the new
widgets at the top, above the table - i.e. not in the
repeater widget.  The new data that I enter gets added
to the table in the database, but, though I am using
the same pipleline I used to load the form the first
time, I do not see the new line of data in the
repeater widgets, on submiting the form...I have to
kill the browser and come in again, where upon I see
all the rows of data correctly.

c)If I am able to make the widgets in the repeater
editable (i.e. resolve item (a) above), then, how does
one save only the beans behind the widgets that got
modified only and not update all the rows in the
database, including unmodified ones?

d) Last question (I promise!).
The rows in the table are long both vertically and
horizontally.  I am able to scroll both ways but, the
problem with vertical scrolling is that the labels of
the widgets that make up the repeater scroll up, and
so disappear.

Is there anyway to prevent the repeater widget's
labels from scolling vertically (they need to scroll
horizontally since the rows are long.)


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