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From Oscar Picasso <>
Subject Problem with esql and maxdb stored procedures
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 16:52:04 GMT

I have trouble with esql when calling a stored procedure in MaxDB (formerly SAP

I have tried to adapt the examples in the "ESQL Taglib" documentation and tried
many combinations of esql tags and attributes but cannot make it work.

I always get some kind of exception or nothing.

I can connect to database and execute sql statements with esql. I only have
problems with stored procedures. On the other hand if I execute the call
statement directly from java it just work fine.

Here is an example of java code that works fine.

Class.forName ("");
String url = "jdbc:sapdb:///ADS";
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(url, "scott", "scott-password");
CallableStatement p = con.prepareCall("CALL GET_PERSONS");
ResultSet result = p.executeQuery();
  System.out.println(result.getInt("ID") + ", " +
result.getString("FIRST_NAME") + ", " + result.getString("LAST_NAME"));;

3, John, Smith
4, Javier, Perez

The stored procedure doesn't use any parameter (either IN or OUT) and just
returns a cursor.

Could someone show me how the same procedure call should be done with esql?


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