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From <>
Subject SimpleForm Transformer Problem
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 12:09:03 GMT

Hi Cocoon Users,

	I am facing an issue while using simpleform Transformer.As we
know, simpleform Transformer helps to prefill the=0D Input fields after
form validation. The issue I am facing with is , I want to prefill only
specific request attributes. To explain in brief, I have a form with
fields - EmailAddress and Confirm EmailAddress .When the form loads
after validation, I need to populate only the EmailAddress field and not
the Confirm EmailAddress field. But, simpleform prefills both the fields
after validation.Do I have an option to prefill selected fields?

Here is the xsl used by me:

<form name=3D"UserOptionsEmailAddress"
 	<table border=3D"0">
						<td align=3D"right">
name=3D"emailAddress" style=3D"width:200px;" type=3D"text" size=3D"30"/>
test=3D"count(./Fields/Field[@name=3D'emailAddressVerify']) !=3D 0">
name=3D"emailAddressVerify" style=3D"width:200px;" type=3D"text" size=
				<div align=3D"center">
					<input type=3D"button"
name=3D"submitForm" value=3D"UserOptions_emailChange"
i18n:attr=3D"value" />&#160;
					<input type=3D"reset"
name=3D"resetForm" value=3D"UserOptions_emailReset"

Thanks in advance,

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