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From fabrizio picca <>
Subject authentication framework over a mysql connection
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 20:38:24 GMT
i'm new to cocoon and i'm trying to develop a web application for a
university examination.

I've read everything about Authentication FW but i cannot find nothing
about authenticating over
a mysql DB connection. so i've written down this piece of pipeline:

      <map:match pattern="do-login">
        <!-- try to login -->
        <map:act type="auth-login">
          <map:parameter name="handler" value="torquemada"/>
	  <map:parameter name="parameter_name" value="{request-param:username}"/>
	  <map:parameter name="parameter_pwd" value="{request-param:password}"/>
          <map:redirect-to uri="protected"/>
        <!-- something was wrong, try it again -->
        <map:redirect-to uri="loginsrc"/>


    <map:pipeline><!--questa deve essere internal-->
      <!-- This is the authentication resource -->
      <map:match pattern="authenticate">
        <map:generate src="login/do-login.xml"/>
        <map:transform src="stylesheets/do-login.xsl" label="debug6" >
          <map:parameter name="use-request-parameters" value="true"/>
	<map:transform type="sql" label="debug3"><!--effettua la query al database-->
	  <map:parameter name="use-connection" value="mysql"/>
	<map:transform src="stylesheets/authenticate.xsl" >
	  <map:parameter name="use-request-parameters" value="true"/>
	<map:transform type="encodeURL"/>
        <map:serialize type="xml" label="debug5"/>

but i didn't reach anything but a redirect to the login page as i've
decided in the first piece of pipeline.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong?

copyright - fabpicca

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