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From Timur Izhbulatov <>
Subject Re: From Unicode to Form and back again
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 21:08:53 GMT
В Втр, 07.09.2004, в 14:09, Huber, Daniel пишет:
> Hi all,
> I currently build "plain" HTML forms out of given XML files.
> As well as the other way round: I save the user input from these forms
> back to XML file.
> For the conversion back to XML I use RequestGenerator (with some
> attached XSLT transformations).
> This works quite fine with one exception. (of course...). For some
> special characters RequestGenerator will convert these characters into
> numeric entities (e.g.: &#1051;&#1078;&#8502). Others won't be touched,
> but passed "nativ", as a single character.
> So the most european special characters (which are also defined within
> ISO-8859-1) will be passed. Greek or Hebrew letters will be converted to
> numeric entities.
> This behaviour seems to be quite independent of the form-encoding used
> for RequestGenerator (ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8).
> Is there a way to prevent the conversion into entities, but always
> generate UTF-8 encoding?
> Has anybody out there tried to allow unicode characters in HTML forms?
And what about your HTML serializer? Which encoding does it use for the
Timur Izhbulatov <>

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