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From "Lars Huttar" <>
Subject RE: Fundamental Cocoon Philosophy Question
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 11:22:15 GMT
> Lars
> What you say is true up to a point.   But most people will
> try out a new product on a *small* scale first before
> making a large commitment (a bit like engagement 
> before marriage).  I do not believe that the community 
> has to "demonstrate" that the product works - its up to
> each person to satisfy themselves that Cocoon will work
> for their situation.  Having useful samples does help a lot
> in this regard... and obviously being willing to answer any
> serious questions, where possible.   Ultimately, though,
> we cannot "prove" that Cocoon is ideal or a perfect fit
> for someone else's situation.

Agreed (with regard to Cocoon.  I'm not sure how far
you meant the engagement analogy to go. :-)

> Perhaps I should have phrased my last remark to say:
> "Cocoon works well for me because, in addition to the
> valuable technology it contains, its also supported by 
> a strong community."  Other products may also have 
> this but I can only speak from my own experience...
> Derek

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