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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: CForms and HEAD tag
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 06:18:39 GMT
Well, I don't think is is such a good idea; I think
stylesheets need to each concentrate on managing 
their subset (or "type" if you like) of XML - what I do 
is have a  wrapper page which has equivalent "pseudo" 
HTML elements; transformation of these is done by 
my generic stylesheet, leaving the specialised forms
stylesheets to style the forms elements.

I agree the "outer" forms stylesheets may need to
be adapted for your specific case; I do not think 
the way they assume <head> elements is always
useful either; but then they are easy enough to 
override anyway.

ie. don't start patching something which does not
need a patch ;-)

>>> 2004/08/26 12:35:21 PM >>>
I'll take it as a feature then :)

Maybe the framework should be a bit more defensive and create the head

tag if it's not there. I only just started with cforms, so i'm not in a

position to start patching things just yet :(


Bruno Dumon wrote:

> On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 12:01, Jorg Heymans wrote:
>>It seems that CForms do not work if there is no HEAD tag in the html.

>>Without HEAD, none of the scripting libraries get included and thus
>>errors all over the place.
>>Is this a bug or a feature?
> it's neither, it is just how it works.

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