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From "Matt Robinson" <>
Subject FOUND: A Fix for the ANT ClassNoDefFound Error on LINUX
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 21:49:57 GMT

A Possible Resolution to the cocoon build error on LINUX systems:
in "main" ClassDefNotFound: org/apache/ant/launcher/Launcher.class

The tools/bin/ant runtime shell script in the source distribution seems to
be wrong.

The first thing it does is check to see if the file /etc/ant.conf exist,
and executes it if it does.  The effect of this is to reset the ANT_HOME
and other important environment variables after they have been set by the script.

To fix this error, rem out this section because there if there is an
existing ant installation on the server (especially if it is < 1.6!) then
it gets confused and issues a ClassNoDefFound error.

Here is a part of the file showing the changes in context (highlighted
with --* ):

# load system-wide ant configuration
--* #if [ -f "/etc/ant.conf" ] ; then
--* #  . /etc/ant.conf
--* #fi

Kind Regards,

Matt Robinson

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