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From "Jeff Jones" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon and Oracle
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 14:16:33 GMT


It's even easier than that, which is probably why no one ever mentions it...

...just rename to classes12.jar and you're done.

JAR archives are actually based on the ZIP archive format, and the
provided by Oracle turns out to be a valid JAR file without changes. This is our
experience on Linux and Windows, and we've been running with Oracle this way for
several years now.

As for the DSN, typically those are specified in
"app/oracle/product/9.0.1/network/admin/samples/tnsnames.ora" when you have the
Oracle client installed. If you're using the Oracle thin client, you probably
don't need the Oracle client software, and then I'm not sure. We don't use ODBC.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Jones
TWC Interactive

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Following the wiki doc, additional questions:

Section 1.5 Comments from the readers, there is a comment at the bottom that
mentions the need for a jar file instead of What would be the
name for this jar file? Can I simply expand the zip and use it's contents to
create the jar, or do I need to build the jar from other resources?

We are running Windows 2000 server. We use system DSN's configured via the
ODBC Data Source Administrator. Am I correct in assuming that the SID
identified in the wiki at section 1.3 Setting cocoon.xconf, is the DSN set
in the ODBC administrator?

I'll probably have more questions as I work on this. Thanks to those who
responded to this inquiry.

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