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From "Sonny Sukumar" <>
Subject RE: Mozilla request parameters (was: Re: map:redirect-to...)
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 16:42:13 GMT

Me too!  I had the double request problem with image buttons especially, so 
I guess I just gotta hope that few of our users wil be using Mozilla 0.7.

Btw, have you tried 0.9 yourself?  Does it still have these bugs?

>From: "John L. Webber" <>
>Subject: Mozilla request parameters (was: Re: map:redirect-to...)
>Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 09:03:38 +0200
>We've had problems with image buttons and request parameters; for example 
>if the button has the name "saveme", Mozilla sends request parameters 
>"saveme", "saveme.x" and "saveme.y", while Konqueror and IE only send 
>"saveme.x" and "saveme.y". Since we use almost exclusively Mozilla 
>internally, this bit us severely.
>Sonny Sukumar wrote:
>>Alright, I finally isolated the problem: it's Mozilla Firebird 0.7!  It 
>>has a bizarre problem where it sends 2 requests when I only click once.  
>>And somehow this only occurs when I use internal redirects within Cocoon.  
>>Go figure.
>>I verified that it works correctly in both KDE Konqueror on RedHat Linux 
>>7.3 and IE6 on Windows XP.
>>Yeah, so I have no idea how to fix the Mozilla problem without an upgrade 
>>of the browser itself.  Oh well. <sigh>
>>Thanks again for your help,
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