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From Steve Butcher <>
Subject realpath module and subsitemaps
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2004 22:16:45 GMT
Dear all,

I'm using Cocoon 2.1 and Tomcat 5.

I have two webapps running in tomcat 5, A and B. Webapp A works as an 
independent webapp however I am including the functionality of A into B 
by mounting its sitemap as a subsitemap of B. Then I simply symlink in 
B's directory to A's directory and so far so good.

Webapp A needs access to file resources to send emails, etc. The 
location of these resources is specified as a parameter to a custom 
generator in A's sitemap using {realpath:} so that a relative path to 
the resource can be used. These applications are developed and tested 
on a number of different developers' environments and not everyone has 
/usr/share/tomcat5/webapps/a as the path to A. However, this works fine 
when accessing these resources directly in Webapp A because the 

  <parameter name='template.dir' value='{realpath:/}templates/'/>

correctly locates:


However, when A's sitemap is run as a subsitemap of B, things stop 
working as well (actually they don't work at all) because the above 
parameter gets translated into:


I would have thought it would have looked in:


Does anyone know how I can make this work as specified without changing 
everything to absolute paths?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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