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From "Ralph Goers" <>
Subject Re: Best practices for building cocoon applications
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 22:44:40 GMT
There are several methods that I've seen. Here are 2 I know of:
1. Package your stuff as a block. Move it into Cocoon's directory and use
the Cocoon build process to build it.
2. Build a cocoon war.  Build your stuff outside of Cocoon. When you want
to build the webapp unwar the cocoon war and then merge the stuff your
application built into it.

In both cases you should use the XConfToolTask to patch cocoon.xconf and
the main sitemap as necessary.

I happen to use the second approach as I can just put the cocoon war in
the maven repository. Then when everyone builds (using maven) it is
automatically picked up.


Rick Wayne said:
> I did some hunting around for the answer to this question, and AFAIK
> it's not covered explicitly. If y'all think it's worthy, I can
> synthesize responses and perhaps submit them for inclusion in the
> installation instructions.
> What do you Cocoon mavens consider to be the canonical practice for
> automatically building a deployable Cocoon application? In the past, I
> usually download a distribution, build it excluding as many blocks as I
> can stand, and then hand-edit things from there -- the sitemap,
> cocoon.xconf, the directories for my own stylesheets, JSPs, and XML,
> etc..
> Some things that I know I'm doing wrong:
> 1) The process isn't at all automated, and can't be reliably regenerated
> from scratch.
> 2) I should be putting my application in a sub-sitemap and mounting it
> rather than editing the main sitemap -- yes?
> So how do I best dovetail my stuff in with the C2 distribution so that
> it only takes one invocation -- either or ant -- to build it? I
> don't think I should try to build my stuff as a block; if nothing else,
> then I have to chuck the whole Cocoon distro into my CVS server. Maybe
> disk space is cheap, but is there a better way?
> Thanks (as always) for your time.
> --
> rw
> "Who's flyin' this thing? Oh, right, that would be me." -- Wash Warren

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