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Subject DatabaseQueryAction
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 19:00:39 GMT
Hello ML users!,

I'm trying to use some Cocoon action -
here's piece of code:

<table name="test_mod" alias="test_mod">
<query mode="others">SELECT md5(?)</query>
<value name="md5" type="string">
<mode name="request-param" parameter="c"/>

As you see I'm trying to get MD5 code for some parameter.

Effect ?

DEBUG Thread-10/DatabaseAction: query: SELECT md5(?)
DEBUG Thread-10/DatabaseAction: Trying to set column md5 from request-param using getAttribute
DEBUG Thread-10/DatabaseAction: Setting column md5 [0] test_value
DEBUG Thread-10/DatabaseAction: ====> row no. 0
DEBUG Thread-10/DatabaseAction: Rolling back transaction. Caused by No value specified for
parameter 1

I guess it is not used right. Well it's becouse of poor of
documentation and no samples. Even mail archives dont say anything about this action.

I know that there's MD5 input module but there isn't MD5 with RSA
algo impl. in standard JRE.


Best regards,

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