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From Nick <>
Subject Portal Engine: Refreshing coplets
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 21:40:56 GMT
Hi everybody,

I run into a "logical" problem while using Portal Engine and Flow. There 
has to be a way to solve it, I guess I am not experienced enough to get it.

Assume that there are 2 coplets on the page: A and B. For each coplet 
there is a separate sitemap and both coplets use separate "flows" to 
provide user interaction (i.e. respond to the submitted forms, etc. 
while using the same URI similar to CachingURICoplet but the decision 
which pipeline to use is made within flow). Coplet A reads/updates a 
resource from eXist DB through XMLDB protocol, and coplet B adds new 
entries into the same resource.

Flow for coplet A is *always* executed before B’s so the XMLDB resource 
gets read before any "add" xupdate query had a chance to run. Is there a 
way to run B first and then A, or at least refresh A’s view so that the 
updated resource will be delivered to A after B runs the query?

Thank you for any help.


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