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From "John L. Webber" <>
Subject Mozilla request parameters (was: Re: map:redirect-to...)
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 07:03:38 GMT

We've had problems with image buttons and request parameters; for 
example if the button has the name "saveme", Mozilla sends request 
parameters "saveme", "saveme.x" and "saveme.y", while Konqueror and IE 
only send "saveme.x" and "saveme.y". Since we use almost exclusively 
Mozilla internally, this bit us severely.


Sonny Sukumar wrote:
> Alright, I finally isolated the problem: it's Mozilla Firebird 0.7!  It 
> has a bizarre problem where it sends 2 requests when I only click once.  
> And somehow this only occurs when I use internal redirects within 
> Cocoon.  Go figure.
> I verified that it works correctly in both KDE Konqueror on RedHat Linux 
> 7.3 and IE6 on Windows XP.
> Yeah, so I have no idea how to fix the Mozilla problem without an 
> upgrade of the browser itself.  Oh well. <sigh>
> Thanks again for your help,
> Sonny

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